A Culture of Efficiency & Improvement
Encourage and reward idea sharing and collaboration

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Contribution, Discussion, Evaluation, Implementation.

  • 1. Describe and Share.
    In regular feedback sessions you share your challenge or opportunity within your organisation (or with a public audience).
  • 2. Incubate and Prioritise.
    Everyone is alerted and will respond with ideas, experiences, votes and comments. Transparent, fast, genuine, inclusive.
  • 3. Organize and Act.
    Ideas are automatically collated, reports generated, ready for evaluation then transformed into action.

Improvement Ideas, Workplace Innovation
and Employee Engagement Maximised

Small is beautiful:
"From all ideas implemented, we had 73 that saved us between 15 mins and 3 hours a week, amounting to £200,000 ($287,100) of the total cash saved – so small ideas are definitely worth finding."
Ideas per 100 employees:
18 to 58 is the range in our experience. This will vary by Division or Department and it is important to measure it. Never again ignore nor neglect a suggestion – big or small. From the CEO or the Cleaner – all are valid.
Non-value adding processes:
“Outcomes of us using OrganizedFeedback in removing non-value adding activity from our day to day work. By re-balancing about 35 peoples' work processes, we made a saving of £875,000 ($1,255,988) per year.”
Mid-sized client over 8 months:
Ideas submitted: 1027; major ideas implemented:129; ideas currently being evaluated: 219. In addition, many “departmental” ideas immediately implemented. These are ideas that - once suggested -seemed obvious!
Simple to create and deploy targeted innovation challenges and feedback communities.
The organisedFeedback platform allows us to share, classify and route ideas to the correct managers and departments. We love the built-in automation of alerts and reporting.
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