A Company with 12 years of
experience and passion

Our early work with such organisations as the Scottish Parliament, The Welsh Assembly, Harvard University Law School’s Global eParliament Project, the UK Department of Trade and Industry, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister’s eDemocracy National Project and over 40 local governments has led to our international presence and clients on 4 Continents!

Culture and diversity

With representation in Edinburgh, Dublin, Rennes, Brussels and St Paul, Minnesota our team is inter-cultural. Our people have worked in China and Eastern Europe, in the UK, Germany, France and Belgium.

What's important to us

Winning by Sharing is our mantra and over delivering in value is what drives us! There is no better feeling than knowing that our customers trust our people and our products. Call us on +44 (0) 845 508 1585

We're Responsive

We are not the biggest company in the field of idea management, but we are the most responsive. And we have 12 years of experience behind us and are respected globally.

Our Customers

You ARE our company. Creating customers is why we exist. Here's our goal: to understand customer needs so well that our product sells itself!

We De-Mystify Innovation

Success is about culture and confidence and melding that with technology. That is the key to success in Innovation. In fact culture eats strategy for breakfast.

We don't believe that price should be a barrier

Idea Management platforms are not for the wealthy few. Innovation is about the Democracy of Ideas. All companies, all organisations, all government, all universities must be able to afford the tools of systematic innovation and continuous improvement. That is how we make our nation Innovative.

Our pricing is also our Competitive advantage and therefore the most competitive. Value is our mission!