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05.02.2017  /  John Maynard  / 

Here’s and interesting paper on the subject (of Marginal Gain). This organisation made their choice and 7 gold medals and a world cup victory were among the results … see the document

17.11.2016  /  John Maynard  / 

Glasgow City Council’s 15,000 employees know lots of ways to do things better. So, what’s the optimum way for sharing and spreading those Improvement Ideas among the right people? That’s the key phrase: “the right people”. Because we all know that an idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs […]

10.11.2016  /  John Maynard  / 

Get this Paper: How Glasgow City Council use enabling software – Employee Voice – combined with systematic thinking processes, including Lean techniques, to make continuous improvement a sustainable part of their Transformation Agenda Glasgow City Council, like all public sector organisations, has been pursuing efficiency and effectiveness gains as part of their Transformation agenda. And, […]

18.02.2015  /  admin  / 

We’re delighted to add a Department of the Government of the United States of America to our idea management software client list: The Dept of Veterans Affairs. As you might know the original motto of the USA – found on the Great Seals of State and on coinage – is e pluribus unum – […]

07.01.2015  /  admin  / 

UKCSI (UK Customer Satisfaction Index) is the national measure of customer satisfaction. It is based on a six-monthly online survey of consumers which is demographically representative of the UK population. How UKCSI works UKCSI rates the customer satisfaction of organisations in 13 sectors of the economy, covering many of the leading organisations in each sector. […]

22.04.2013  /  admin  / 

There’s a clear connection between the sustainability and innovation and therefore Organizedfeedback tools. This is the first post about these connections. “Eliminating waste has avoided costs of some 353 million dollars over a 10 year period… every capital investment, every process change, every bit of R & D, ALL of it has been paid for […]

22.02.2013  /  admin  / 

“When our ideas and beliefs seem at odds with others, how often do we find ourselves deferring to authority and the status quo rather than speaking up and taking action? When we do gather the courage to speak up, how often do we then question whether we’ve done more harm than good? While speaking up […]

12.12.2012  /  admin  / 

Financial Services companies need solid ideas from committed employees which create value. Customer facing or screen facing, it’s people that deliver increased productivity and profit. Bryan has nailed it: “Every large company has a number of thinking-intensive employees who need to collaborate with one and other. The winning companies will be those that enable their […]

11.12.2012  /  admin  / 

… that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” Maybe. But I’d like to pen some thoughts on using real names or usernames in idea management… A real name is good because it is real. This is what it says: “these are the measured thoughts of Me. Here’s my […]

01.12.2012  /  admin  / 

How can an idea turn to dust instead of magic? An easy way is to have an innovation committee or idea evaluation group which does not have a balanced psychological profile.  ‘I’m not suggesting that typical innovation groups who take a view on an idea are mentally unbalanced! Or psychologically disturbed (at least no more […]