It's important for you to know that we have a 100% customer recommendation level

Our Process is ​trusted by great organisations ​worldwide.

From ​the United States government to leading law firms in Frankfurt and Paris; from local government in the UK and State Governments in Australia; from SME's in California to Corporates in Tennessee and London, organisations everywhere trust ​OrganisedFeedback to build their Culture of Efficiency, Continuous Improvement and workplace innovation.

OrganizedFeedback for Enterprise

Companies around the world use OrganizedFeedback to tap into the ideas, experience and knowledge of their employees and stakeholders.

Everyday it’s used to identify what employees value, what citizens prioritise and what customers want. Everyday unleashing ideas which create competitive advantage, increase productivity and promote greater employee engagement.

OrganizedFeedback in Government

OrganizedFeedback is a hearing aid, an effective way to generate consensus and progress.

Policy makers and officials use OrganizedFeedback to connect and engage with employees and citizens. We work with Government departments (from Aberdeen in Scotland to Brisbane in Australia, via Washington DC!) providing a secure environment to improve, implement and co-create policy which enables ustainable change and wise solutions. Read more...

OrganizedFeedback in Education

OrganizedFeedback makes it clear that ideas are the currency of learning!

It’s perfect for all levels of Education, primary, secondary, tertiary. Capture feedback, ideas and knowledge from staff, faculty, students and parents. Launch regular Challenges on key topics of interest. With OrganizedFeedback the message – "we're open to listening to new ideas" - is loud and clear!

OrganizedFeedback in Healthcare

The General Medical Council (GMC) is the world’s oldest medical regulatory body, established in 1858.

We have been working with the GMC for 7 years. All eConsultations and online stakeholder engagement are done using our eConsultation Management System. Our work has also encompassed the Sir John Tooke Enquiry - Modernising Medical Careers – whereby our systems were used to survey and reports on stakeholder opinion, experience and suggestions.

Idea Generation and Sharing in Healthcare.

OrganizedFeedback adds another dimension to traditional online, survey-based, engagement and research. The simple concept of crowdsourcing ideas, sharing and co-creating solutions in a transparent manner aligns well with the ethos of the caring professions.