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Twelve years of Connecting People and Policy. Twelve years of experience and expertise in citizen dialogue and eConsultation. OrganizedFeedback’s IdeaLab and eConsultation management is used and recommended worldwide by Local Government, by State Government and by Central Government.

Citizen Dialogues - Crowdsourcing, Challenge and Dialogue software for Local and National government

Perfect for policy and crowd-sourcing ideas and innovation. Great for early stage policy brain-storming process, or wanting to get ideas from specific stakeholders. With our ideation and brainstorming tools you easily garner valuable ideas from your Communities, while demonstrating a transparent and participative approach.

Setting up and running Citizen Dialogue

It's extremely easy to set up your online dialogue, to pose your Challenge and upload introductory and background information. All content submitted can be first moderated and controlled. That is easy and efficient to do. Upload logos and add demographic questions to make sure you have the profile of participants.

Easily open and close dialogues:

You can open and close dialogues easily. Turn off voting. Archived or closed dialogues will still be open to be viewed. Any user can "flag" ideas or comments that they think are inappropriate. This sends an email to the site administrator alerting them to the content so that they can review and remove it if necessary.

Great reports and statistics

Ideas can be sorted, filtered and printed. Admin dashboard provides the metrics to let you know responses and activity. For example: number of registered users, number of ideas, number of comments, number of comments per ideas etc

Fully hosted and supported

Hosted and rapid to deploy. You do not need to install any software on your organisation's servers or on any of your employees' computers. All browsers have been tested including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and all recent versions of Internet Explorer.

Citizen eConsult

Manage, organise and promote consultations in one place. A tried and tested Cloud-based consultation management system. Easily create compelling and quality consultations which get great participation. Originally developed with local and national government, and used by government bodies to run very effective stakeholder e-consultations.

A Brief History of our public sector work from 2001 to the present day

2002 - Scottish Parliament - creation and management of Parliamentary online debating forums. Scottish Parliament becomes first Parliament to both webcast and hold members’ debates online.

2003 - Hosting live online sessions with South African President and Irish Prime Minister within auspices of the Scottish Parliament.

2003 - Welsh Assembly - citizens’ discussion forum. Provision or tools and moderation.

2003 - Department of Trade and Industry and Office of the Deputy Prime Minister consultations.

2003 - Harvard Law School - Global Negotiation Dept - Global eParliament project.

2004 - National eDemocracy Projects; Developed eConsultation ideas management tools and Consultation Finder, the first eConsultation citizen search engine; also developed best practice courses in online moderation as part of national eDemocracy initiatives.

2005 - Creation of first online deliberative polling tool and application with various London Boroughs – Tower Hamlets, Newham.

2006 - eConsultation work begins with General Medical Council.

2007 - Stakeholder engagement and eConsultation with NHS PCTs.

2007 - Inquiry into Modernising Medical Careers. The Sir John Tooke Inquiry utilises our applications for national inquiry into medical training and doctors’ careers.

2008 - Creation of ePetitioning application for local authorities and other public bodies.

2009 - Local authorities embracing our work in employee idea management and engagement

2011 - Finalists in World eGov/eDemocracy Forum, Paris

2013 - Creation of Public Sector Global Idea Share

2014 - Global success in Government related Innovation.