The OrganizedFeedback Success Formula
You need a process that maximizes contribution; one that classifies ideas and automatically routes them to the right team or decision makers. One that automatically acknowledges authors and alerts managers. A process that also educates participants in best practice in identifying areas for improvement and in the principles of Lean and Continuous Improvement.

The Process is Simple

Actions being:

  • Managers, Dept Heads, Team Leaders create a list of goals or problems.
  • Those Sponsors create an Idea Challenge or competition for each problem.
  • Publish the question that prompts thinking, participation and solutions.
  • Further describe the problem, adding documents or video to clarify.
  • Select a short time-limit for running your Challenge, say 1 to 4 weeks.
  • Launch and invite stakeholders (employees or customers) to participate.


Actions being:

  • Ideas received and transparent to everyone in Community
  • Votes as a guide to determine interest levels
  • Rating of comments, augmenting reputations
  • Offers of sponsorship made (to join team to help make idea a reality)
  • Idea originator thanked personally by e-mail (automatic)
  • Idea originator informed when new comments made (automatic)
  • Ideas incubated via comment, suggestion, question, experience offered, doubt expressed


Actions by moderators:

  • Report generation
  • Creation of file with all relevant contributions; exported to Excel
  • Distributed to appropriate teams with Continuous Improvement or Innovation responsibilities so that an idea's merits or constraints considered before the meeting.
  • Such teams may also be LEAN groups.
  • Initial idea status and or comment added for whole community to see.
  • Next step decisions taken

Internal Discussion

Actions being:

  • Ideas further considered and compared and merits or constraints discussed
  • Benefits, costs added (to private space for decision making teams' eyes only)
  • Initial calculation of real savings in time and resources and money Reporting and sharing of estimated savings
  • Idea status/stage posted to Community
  • Ideas with most potential merit go forward

Expert evaluation and ranking

Actions being:

  • SIG (Special Interest group created to discuss all assessments)
  • Ideas selected for evaluation
  • Values, criteria, weightings for evaluation agreed
  • Evaluators selected and invited to rate ideas
  • Relative scores calculated and reported
  • Idea originator informed of status change
  • Status updates posted to Community
  • Ideas selected for Implementation


Actions being:

  • Idea status update and all stakeholders informed of decisions
  • Groups created to enable discussion, resource sharing, document storage
  • Monitoring of progress
  • CEO or Dept Head posts to reinforce and encourage