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Invest in OrganizedFeedback and dramatically increase your organisation's capacity for business improvement.
Improve team working capability while decimating the cost of managing the idea generation and innovation process.

The Security of Microsoft's Azure Cloud Platform

Powerful, Scalable and with Official Government Authorization

Hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform, OrganizedFeedback is secure and scalable, powerful and very affordable. Hosting available in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

Simple per-user pricing makes it possible to spread our applications throughout your organization so you never have to put a cap on your idea generation and collaboration. Plus, expert advice and world-class support make OrganizedFeedback the application of choice in Corporations, Government and Education.

Data Security

At OrganizedFeedback Data Security is Paramount.
Read how that is handled here

OrganizedFeedback on your own servers

Most clients take our hosted service, however if you need to host in-house that is not a problem.

“ Throughout the relationship OrganizedFeedback have been professional, flexible and very accommodating. But the best judge of an organisation is how they deal with issues, once the sale has been made. In this regard the OrganizedFeedback team has been outstanding at investigating the minor problems we encountered and implementing resolutions promptly.”

Esure Insurance Company -UK

Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee 99.95% uptime and 24/7/365 monitoring. All backed up by the power and security of Azure


We deliver training as required. Our application is very intuitive for Admin and for participants.

“ One of the major reasons we chose OrganizedFeedback was the ease of use of the system. As an Idea contributor you need no training at all to find your way around and input your own ideas. As an administrator, I was surprised at how simple it is to customise, set moderation, and create ideas sessions. Help is available if you need it but it was so easy I hardly referred to the guidance. It is so refreshing to find a system that doesn’t require you to attend training sessions or work your way through a complicated user manual!” Government client (UK)