Idea Generation as a Service

What is the Idea Games?

A fun, focused, online festival of idea events which reduce waste, increase productivity and morale. A creative way to focus on cutting costs, eliminating waste and increasing productivity.

Your Event IdeAthletes

Users can participate anonymously or with real names and photos. You decide (or it can be both real and anon). The point is that employees want to participate. And now it's easy to let them. The Idea Games takes the politics and the knowledge "silos" our of the race. You're going to be amazed at the results. And because it's employee events, moreale and engagement will also improve.

We Manage the Whole Process

Setup, content, communication, reporting. You focus on the ideas' event and the knowledge generated, not how to load the firing gun or building the stadium!

The Idea Games platform is pre-setup to focus on core business challenges, enabling you to get going in a matter of hours. You use our event templates (or they're amended to suit). Of course you can easily add your own new events if required. There's no limit. The launch email (sent by the system if you wish) is also taken care of

Event Schedule

During the process we communicate with participants as necessary, encouraging responses and highlighting any idea that has immediate vibracny and acceptance by management (this will encourage more response).

Download the Idea Games brochure to find out more.