OrganizedFeedback works for all your important initiatives
  • People, Wellbeing
  • Employee Engagement
  • Sustainability + Environment
  • Cost Reduction + Process Improvement
  • Innovation’s lifeblood is about getting smart feedback and letting people crowdsource.

    OrganizedFeedback’s power also lies in its reporting and analysis capability. You can measure INNOVATION ROI, growth and performance through OrganizedFeedback’s reporting capability. You reward and encourage participation in innovation by mass and individual communication.

  • It’s smart to listen to how smart ideas are actually working and how they can be adjusted to be even smarter

    The people who can best tell you just how smart your ideas are? It’s pretty obvious – the people who experience them. OrganizedFeedback is your Microphone and your Hearing Aid to lead, listen and learn.

  • OrganizedFeedback adds another dimension to discussion on Patient Safety, cutting costs and eliminating waste.

    The simple concept of crowdsourcing ideas, sharing and co-creating solutions in a transparent manner aligns well with the ethos of the caring professions.

  • Citizen Dialogues - Crowdsourcing, Challenge and Dialogue software for Local and National government

    Perfect for policy and crowd-sourcing ideas and innovation. Great for early stage policy brain-storming process, or wanting to get ideas from specific stakeholders.

  • Stay on the pulse of what your audience values. Cultivate engagement before, during, and after your events.

    It’s easy to listen to experiences and suggestions from the people who have a real stake in seeing your event deliver more value - be it a sales conference, a music festival or a very special nautical festival -

  • Listen, listen, listen - to the people on the front line! Harness their experience and insights.

    In OrganizedFeedback people can also share experiences and customer stories. From there comes ideas for improvement. Continuous discussion with customers, needs a fast flowing feedback channel to turn battle-won knowledge into superb service.

  • OrganizedFeedback is a market research, customer conversation and feedback community. Perfect, too, for Start-Ups!

    It’s a space where you share your ideas, stimulating customer and stakeholder feedback on all aspects of your marketing; it’s where you evaluate, score and rank all input received.

  • Research worldwide shows that people's feelings, sentiments and mood directly affects their performance at work, which in turn affects project outcomes.

    OrganisedFeedback’s contribution is at once simple and profound: by enabling regular and focused conversation – by asking people what they think and how things ought to change – you are generating involvement and participation.

  • A great place to interactively discuss: MUDA, MURA, MURI. Glasgow City Council Lean teams engage with OrganizedFeedback, the Japanese for which is HENSEI FIDOBAKKU.

    To go Lean and stay Lean you need to continually understand customers and what they value. That is the most important question and the least often asked. It can be asked easily and often in Hensei Fidobakku!

  • Employees want to give feedback more than once a year in surveys. In fact they want to be consulted, not surveyed.

    If you want people to have a stake in the outcome, make them part of the process. Creating stakeholders – that’s what OrganizedFeedback does!

  • A Culture of Contribution comes from making people part of the process. Have an open dialogue about what can and should change.

    OrganizedFeedback helps global companies shape and refine their culture by creating a transparent and energizing dialogue among their employees.

  • Companies need more frequent feedback and alignment during turbulent times.

    OrganizedFeedback offers companies the ability to rapidly communicate and stay connected with their employees through times of extreme growth and change.

How progressive organizations use OrganizedFeedback

They use OrganizedFeedback to create Stakeholders.

Stakeholders are people with a stake in the outcome (of change). Stakeholders are engaged.

Creating stakeholders who are motivated to make their colleagues’ and customers’ lives better and more productive, that is what OrganizedFeedback will do.

It offers exactly the functionality to help your organisation make progress. Whether you’re generating fresh ideas, solving challenges or encouraging participation, OrganizedFeedback can be configured to do what you need.

All lean, no fat

It’s used as a simple suggestion box and as a way to focus thoughts through our Challenges.

It’s used to support Organizational Development and promote good internal communications. It’s used to teach people about the principles and process of innovation.

It succeeds as a tool to support the discussion and feedback loops that are the essence of Lean and Six Sigma thinking. Lean groups also create their Ideas’ Communities of Practice and share their own best practice.

Mr Hewlett & Mr Packard

It’s used as a way to access ALL the knowledge in an organization. You know that great quote …

"If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three-times more productive."
- Lew Platt Former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard.

It’s used as a way to embed the process of Continuous Improvement in companies and as a way to build Trust. Because there’s no better compliment you can pay employees than to invite their opinion and their ideas for change, and provide a way for that to actually happen!

Employee Engagement

OrganizedFeedback will dramatically increase your capacity for Innovation and employee engagement. We can sum it up in two “stories”, just six words each:

Story 1: Perfect Strategy sold hard. Nothing happened.

Story 2: Engaged team creates strategy. Huge results.

You’ve got to make people part of the process! You can do that easily in OrganizedFeedback.

Open Innovation

Get stakeholders from outside your organisation involved. That’s called Winning by Sharing and it’s our mantra.


OrganizedFeedback is used within Departments. It makes departmental meetings more productive. It makes brainstorming much more effective.


OrganizedFeedback ought not to be “owned” by IT, or HR or Administrators. Anyone can share an idea or suggest a Challenge, a contest or a competition. Learn more about challenges and campaigns.